NOWHERE: FACTUAL NONSENSE, The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland. Film by Pink Lime Studios©

JUDGEMENT opening performance, NowHere: Factual Nonsense, The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland. Filmed by Vittoria Bonifati / Music composed by Cornelius Gibbons

VOLARE, CANTARE - 'Primavera' Tempietto sul Clitunno, Italy

RULE BRITTANIA, Somewhere in England Filmed by Cornelius Gibbons

VOLARE Madonna del Pozzo, Spoleto, Italy 

Performance Poem by Jo Melvin with translation by Giovanni Rendina at Umbrian Umbrella, Spoleto, Italy
Umbrian Umbrella, Fishing for Compliments, Spoleto, Italy.
LADDER @Testbed 1, Battersea, London.
Annunciation - Birth of Language, St. Mathews Oxhey Herts.